My Car Upgrade Ideas

Upgrading a vehicle in a variety of ways is nice because this is how a person can really personalize their vehicle and make it their own. I like to include a number of upgrades for my car because there really is a big difference between a cheaper item and a more expensive and high quality item. Price is always going to be higher for an upgraded item but the quality and the performance always pays off in the long run. Some items to consider upgrading on your vehicle includes the following:


This is one part of a vehicle that is highly improved upon when an upgrade is made for a number of reasons. A cheap set of light bulbs in your headlights means you get poor light and poor visibility. It can be tough to notice if you need to upgrade your headlights since the driver is always behind the wheel, not in front of the vehicle but this is one item that should be upgraded right away after making a purchase of a vehicle. Better lights when I drive means that I can see the road better and any issues that could be coming up like an animal in the road or patches of black ice.

The best place to buy aftermarket headlights will be online, even though we have some good stores here in Spokane that will have some of the choices. The reason I recommend going online for aftermarket headlights is the price and selection. There is much more choices for you and you can get a better deal. I have a friend that buys all his car and truck upgrades on eBay and he’s been doing it a long time.

Windshield Wipers

A high quality set of windshield wipers is also really important for safety purposes. This is also a really easy and simple upgrade to make. It takes literally about one minute to replace and upgrade windshield wipers. You can opt for a set that is specific to the season or you can invest in a year-round set of windshield wipers that work well for rain, sleet and also snow. Keep in mind you can also use winter wiper blades year round if you want to; they just are extra beneficial in the winter months. Some people do not like the look of the winter blades during the summer months though so it really is just a matter of personal preference.

Having said all that, the best combination you can get with windshield wipers, is high quality rubber blades and cheap price. Where can you find this? I have the perfect solution. Costco! Every fall, about August and September, Costco has a sale on great Goodyear windshield wipers. This year, I paid $5.99 per wiper, and they were 21″ and 24″ wipers. These are complete wipers, not just rubber blade replacements. I have done this the last 3 years and never have to buy them anywhere else.

Window Tinting

One of my favorite things to get done on my car when I am upgrading stuff, is to tint the windows. This will increase privacy to the people inside the car and will keep my car upgrades out of prying eyes. Tinting the windows will also protect the interior of the car from sun damage. I have leather interior and it does get cracking with years. Tinted windows give it more years of performance.

When I want to get my windows tinted, there is only one place that I will trust. The Spokane Shop is the best place for window tinting in Spokane. Kon Shiva is the owner of the place and he does a lot of the work him self. Even when he’s not working on the car, his eye is always on it, to make sure quality is always a priority. Another benefit in going with The Spokane Shop is they provide a replacement guarantee that nobody else in town will come near. Once you have your windows tinted by Kon, this will be the last time you will ever need to tint them on this car.

Tire Pressure Gauge

This is an item that I always have on hand but it is a nice upgrade because it can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Most new vehicles come equipped with tire pressure gauges built into the wheels and when the pressure inside of a tire gets low, the driver is notified by way of the dash. Unfortunately this newer technology is still evolving so there are times when a tire pressure sensor may go off but there really is no issue. Having a back up tire pressure gauge is beneficial.

Buying a good quality one will cost more than just a China made cheapie, but is the best place to find lots of tire pressure gauge choices and the prices are not bad.

Brake Lines

Traditionally a vehicle comes with a set of rubber brake lines. It is a nice option to upgrade to stainless steel brake lines because this upgraded version can make a big difference in how safe a vehicle is and how quickly a car will brake. When driving with rubber brake lines the braking can feel pretty soft or mushy while stainless steel lines provide a much more precise and quick stop. There is a very big difference in how the brake pedal feels as well.

Looking on is going to be a good choice with this, but also check your local auto parts store, they may have some in stock you can pick up. Here in Spokane, we have Schucks and AutoZone all over the city. There is surely one within a couple of miles from you.

Brake Pads

When upgrading brake pads the best type you can get is the ones that are made out of ceramic. There are so many different benefits to ceramic brake pads. Not only can they hold up to a higher temperature but they also inflict less wear on the pads as well as on the rotors. Also less noise is often experienced with upgraded ceramic brake pads.

Like brake lines, you can get brake pads on or locally at Schucks or AutoZone.

Repair Manual

This is another item that is not necessarily part of a vehicle but it is an item that is really nice to have on hand. When purchasing a vehicle I get my basic user handbook in the glove compartment box. The repair manual for the vehicle is not included because this is normally used by mechanics and other repair shops. For someone who is handy, investing in the repair manual is beneficial because this allows for me to be able to repair a number of items on my own.

A repair manual for your car can be picked up in almost any books store, you can also get it online at We have Barnes & Noble here in Spokane, both on the North side and in the Valley.


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